Friday, July 16, 2010

"So Much To Do.....So Little Time" -Napoleon Bonaparte Yet, When it Comes to a Museum, There is Plenty of Time!!

It is this quote that fits the typical human being, and I am no exception. And, though I have little respect for emperors and warlords like Mr. Bonaparte, I do admit he "hit the nail on the head" with this statement, if you will. We all have societal obligations as well as familial ones. However, no matter how busy one's life becomes, one should always find time to indulge in his/her own individuality. If this does not happen, then we may very well lose our sanity (....or....what's left of it......if we had any to begin ;)) and life will undoubtedly become unbearable.  Thankfully, the aforementioned outcome is highly unlikely as each of us finds time in one form or another.

Now, this post is to notify you, readers, that I am down in Houston, Texas, for the Weekend visiting my grandparents. Tomorrow, my mom, Candace, my step-dad, Dave, and I are taking the day to visit the many Museums in the area, including the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the new exhibit on the famous Jurassic Age Solnhofen Limestone Quarry where the first specimen of Archaeopteryx lithographica  was  first discovered and described in 1860, the Houston Museum of Art, the Holocaust Muesum, etc.

As such, I will be completing a blog post about the trip, prior to Fossil Fact #14 tomorrow. Alas, it is getting late and I'm suffering from jetlag. So, I bid you adeiu and good night, readers.


Ian said...

Have fun. I would love to visit there myself, but I've kind of had enough traveling for the summer.

Raptor Lewis said...

Ian- Thanks and Take Care! I hope you've had a great summer. And, yes, I love this museum. It is definitely recommended as a tourist destination to Houston. Again, take care and stay safe, my friend.

joven said...

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