Sunday, November 29, 2009

Raptor and the GSP Part 1- The GSP essay, in progress....

Okay, readers, if you recall that the last time I posted, I covered what the GSP was and what I have to do to apply to this program. I have been working on the most crucial part of the application and that is the 300 essay. And, I must say, I am making excellent progress on it. I have just completed the rough draft, in getting my thoughts on paper and completed a second revised draft based on input from my family. Now, I'm simply waiting on input from my dad and see what he says. If I don't have to add anything, then the second draft becomes the final, though if I need to change anything, I must do a THIRD copy. Honestly, readers, I'm prepared for this application to be over and done with and I can focus on other things. This is my chance to make my blog even more personal, by allowing you guys to really read about my PaleoQuest!  Sorry, for being tardy with this post, but family heeded my call, though I doubt that constiutes as an excuse for my absence, THAT and I simply forgot. lol! ;P School offered me a better excuse. lol! ;P Anyway, it's almost complete and I will be sure to keep you posted. lol! (pun intended! ;P)

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