Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Opportunity and New Blog series (Raptor and the GSP-Part 0)

Happy (American) Thanksgiving to all!! I am so excited about my first break in a long while and, so I am down in Louisiana visiting my relatives (a small handful at least)! However, an important factor has officially "burst my own bubble." In other words, this is vital to my PaleoQuest and, sadly I am prohibited from enjoying my break to the fullest. :P What is it, you ask? My dear readers, this is what is known as the Kentucky Governor's Scholar's Program (KY GSP). This cool program allows for a summer jump-start on College and University life. So, it's a must to apply and, hopefully, get accepted. The GSP is a program that you, if on the list based on un-weighted GPA (Grade-Point Average), apply to and, when accepted, go to stay on a randomly chosen University or College campus in the state.  I would have to stay on the campus for the whole five weeks and attend classes in the particular subject area. Unlike the actual experience, however, one has more free time to get know the school, socialize, go on field trips, and so forth. It's a University Summer Camp, if you will. Although, you, readers, get the idea, that is not the point of this post.

This post is to allow me organize my thoughts on this Program and fill out the tedious, but thankfully somewhat easy, application process which encompass the following:

  • The Traditional Application- What I mean by that is this part of the application process is in the format one would probably normally think of for an application.
  • Records of Accomplishments- The application includes several pages of these.
  • The Essay- This is the crucial part of the application! I will be live-blogging the completion of the essay much like one would for Art Evolved pieces in a new series on PaleoQuest in the next week. (That reminds me...the new gallery has been decided- Paleo Environments- this gallery has no specifications other than unique environments. NO Blank Backgrounds, UNLESS you have two animals accurately interacting in the space. Due: January, 2010!) Anywho, here is what I am supposed to do, for the essay- "250-350 words; Write about a specific leadership project you've participated in, or would like to in the near future.  Keep in mind that this is limited to the constraints of my imagination and may evolve over time." 
My Project- The Promotion of Asperger's Students to pursue careers of their interest; mainly the sciences. I wll also add some anecdotes as well to add a unique touch to the paper, which is also what they're looking for. These anecdotes are of my experiences with A.S. and how I came to be where I am in my life today.  I may post some soon at the encouragement of many of my friends on the Paleo-Blogosphere and these may end up in the paper. So, stay tuned and keep reading, and you'll witness a HUGE step in my PaleoQuest! :)

Coming up......Blogging through the process of the GSP essay; Followed by Fossil Fact #12- The Mosasaurs and the Tylosaurs (Thanks, Craig, The Weapon of Mass Imagination! ;))


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Hope you enjoyed eating your Thanksgiving dinosaur!

Go ahead! It will certainly help your mind grow beyond your expectations.

Raptor Lewis said...


lol! Thanks, and you're right! The GSP should be a great opportunity to learn more about myself as a person! :) I appreciate the support, my friend! :)

And, actually, The American Thanksgiving doesn't start until the 25th of November. lol! And, yes, I sure will enjoy my "Thanksgiving Dinosaur!" lol! ;)

Unknown said...

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