Friday, October 30, 2009

What does this Weekend Hold for PaleoQuest?

I'm aware of the fact that I personally said that the next post was going to be the tenth Fact, yet I wanted to lay out, more for my benefit, than for yours, how this weekend is going to go for PaleoQuest. First of all, tonight, I will do an unprecedented (well...unprecedented for me, anyway.) two posts sequentially in one day. These two posts are the last two topics on the poll before I delete it. I will still cover the Ceraptopsians and Extinctions, in that exact order, so in a way, it's a paleo bargain. That is this afternoon due to the fact, I want to move on from this little series I'm in for you guys, the readers. Following the tenth and eleventh Facts, I'm going to Live Blog my piece for Art Evolved, which is due November 1st!! Despite the setbacks I have with posting pictures, I will attempt to do my very best with this as this will be my FIRST live-blogging effort ever on this blog. Again, please bear with me. Other than that, there is nothing else beyond that, except for me just posting freely like everyone else on the blogosphere. Anywho, Stay tuned and expect those SOON!!!

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