Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogging For A Year And Still Going Strong.....

I honestly find it hard to believe that I have been blogging for a year! Today is the 1st Birthday of PaleoQuest and my first anniversary as a blogger on the Paleo Blogosphere! Despite the known setbacks due to school, I realized I wanted to share my passion with the world and teach, and I did so, making some great friends on here along the way. Before I share anything about my past year, I want to sincerely apologize for my absence as of late. School, which has been my excuse before and nuissance, proceeds to do just that. Fortunately, I am away for a good cause, which is to fufill my dream of being a Vertebrate Paleontologist, hence the name of this blog. My success is due to the assistance and support of these particular bloggers as I joined their ranks as a young paleo enthusisast and self-proclaimed Amateur Paleontologist. Here is how I got here:

September 2008: Genesis
I decided to join the blogosphere after stumbling onto Traumador's blog through a random search on Google Images on Tyrannosaur infants, which, in turn led me, even more specifically on Traumador's Excellent Jurassic Park film reviews from 2007. My first brief visit fed my curiousity and decided to explore more of the site. And, lo! It wasn't long before I realized I liked his blog and began communicating with him through his comments page and e-mail. Honestly, this little T. rex has been THE best "virtual friend" on the blogosphere a guy could ask for! I owe him a lot!!

September 2008: PaleoQuest-Version 1.0 (Original)
Shortly afterward, I decided to start PaleoQuest. Only this is the version Traumador SHOULD remember. As a fresh blogger, I was merely experimenting with the features of Blogger with simple posts, gadgets, etc. Sadly, I was "booted" out of my first Google address, from a simple, yet ludicrous reason. Since, I could not log back in to my blog, I decided to move on and create this one. Because I could not log back in with my original account, I could not delete it. So, it must be on the blogosphere still: If any of you readers find it or not let me know.

October 2008: PaleoQuest-Version 2.0 (Current):
In October of 2008, I started the one you know today and the one I still use. I have been blogging for approximately ONE year today. I am extremely proud of myself especially considering the fact that school has me on such a short leash. That's basically all there is to this one, except, I met several of my closest "virtual friends" through this version. Here are some of the first ones:

  • Jason "Naveed" Westby-Naveed's Realm- One of my first friends on the blogosphere, Naveed welcomed me onto the blogosphere and began subscribing very early on shortly after Traumador. Shortly after he left a comment on my first Fossil Fact, I clicked his name to learn more about him on his profile. Afterward, I proceeded to his blog and found it pretty cool! His interests are in Cryptozoology, the Paranormal, Science Fiction, and, most importantly Chthulu (spelling?), in addition to Paleontology.
  • Traumador the Tyrannosaur-The Tyrannosaur Chronicles- My first follower and friend on the blogosphere. Like Naveed, he showed me the ropes of Paleontology and blogging. Trust me, he does justice for the Coelurosaurs. He probably doesn't need much introduction, but, still, a little more can't hurt. ;) Affilliated with the Amateur Multimedia Theatre Troupe from Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, Prehistoric Insanity Productions, his blog is a sight and read to behold if one hasn't already.
  • OilIsMastery-Oil Is Mastery- My third friend and follower on the Blogosphere. His blog is more of a multitude of different scientific fields, which the author's main goal is to get his readers to think. Ranging from Physics, to Paleontology, and Geology, even Anthropology, his blog is a good one to visit to get your mind going.
Those are among a few of my influences on the blogosphere, though I can assure you that there are many more as I continued to meet each of them as time went on. Readers, you can look for more of my influences on my blogroll. Anywho, thanks for sticking with me readers and I hope you will continue to stick with me as I strive to reach my goal and complete my PaleoQuest!!

Next: The Horned Champions of the Cretaceous-The Ceratopsians!!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

It's always good to see that more bloggers don't leave their sites abbandoned after the first year.

Hey! tu español está mejorando :)
Thanks for passing by and dropping a line! :D

Nice to see you found that ugly cat "cómico"! XD LOL

Raptor Lewis said...

Thanks! About your blog: "No me gusta pero me encuento!" lol! Did I say that right? And, yes, that cat was just hilarious and just bizarre. So, yeah, your welcome man! Welcome to PaleoQuest, again! ;P

Raptor Lewis said...

Oh yeah....your English is excellent as well! ;P Sorry, Dinorider, forgot to mention that earlier! ;P

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Well, sincerely I only had some problems with that "me encuento", I thought you meant "me encanta" (= it enchantes me). Was that so? ... am I wrong? LOL


Raptor Lewis said...

Dinorider- I meant the latter. In other word, "It enchants me."

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