Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Thoughts About The Blog

As the title says, this post is just some self-evaluation about this blog. For those who have been here since I started back in October of '08, you all know about the quality, you all know the changes that have happened on this blog within ONE year of it's genesis. Those who have JUST came across this blog, I say "Welcome!" My point? There's none, really, other than just reflection as this blog is approaching it's First Birthday! I find it hard to believe I have been on the Paleo Blogosphere for nearly a year, and, already, I have managed to obtain 11 followers, a feat which takes some bloggers some time to get started. Now, I am not trying to gloat, but I am impressed with myself. Aside from that, the people I've "met" and the things I've learned, are nothing short of spectacular. This has been a fantastic opportunity, and one not easy to do. I feel fortunate to have such fantastic guidance on this site, despite my shortcomings (Those who know me, know what I'm referring to all too well, lol.).

Next, I want to talk about the main curiousity of you readers, the Future. So, I answer "What's next?" for the blog. Well, I'm not sure. I find it difficult to be making commitments and then School snatching me from the web. I know I said I'll be covering the topics, you all voted on in the Poll, and I will. I also wanted to tell you of a commitment I told Dr. Andrew Farke, the Open Source Paleontologist. He had the idea of a collaborative effort to write a paper on the Evolution of Ornithischian posture....or something to that extent. :P Those who participate in the research will be listed as the authors of this paper going up for Plos One. It's excellent, though I am still vague as to how I will participate. (Hopefully, I will cover it in the next post. Sorry. :P) I know it has something to do with posting some research here. Hmm....Sorry readers, I'll be sure and ask him, and then I'll let you know, next post.

Other than that, that's what will happen in the next few posts. Although, if you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know I will be still announcing when posts are up and the subject of the next one, but not the date, so I don't break any promises. In fact, just like tomorrow, it's up in the air. So, until next time, take care and see you Next Post!!