Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Has It's Grip On Me Again- Final Post For Awhile (Hopefully Until This Weekend)

Unfortunately, school finally has it's grip on me this week! Ugh...I was wondering when it was going to be and, sadly, right when I got back my blogging streak from January! I'm pretty annoyed as homework has me by the throat and I will not be able to blog until probably this weekend, which sucks! Sorry, readers!! This is my crucial year and I can't just slip on by and blog more than do homework! :P This is the MAIN year that colleges will look at!! So, since Paleontology IS my dream, this is part of it as the first step in my Paleo Quest. I thank you all for reading and your patience! Don't worry, you all can still find out what's going on with me in between posts...or have you forgotten my Twitter account which you can follow here or read them on the right-hand side of my blog under "The Tweets Of A Raptor." That's it and I'll talk to you again on Friday!!! :) So, until then, Take Care!!

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