Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Congrats To Art Evolved!!!!

For those who do not know what Art Evolved is, let me elaborate on what it is first. Being the first time I have truly and officially mentioned it, I feel you, readers, deserve to know! Art Evolved is, in addition to being one of the newest Paleontology themed blogs on the Science blogosphere, a blog created for the sole purpose of Paleo Art. Every month or so, Art Evolved hosts a gallery as a "Time Capsule" with a particular focus in mind (i.e. The Sauropod Gallery, that I am about to finish drawing for and finally submit it, that closes on November 1st, so those who are interested after this post, you have until then to submit them to artevolved@gmail.com for posting.). Art Evolved was founded by two Key members of the Canadian Theatre Troup: Prehistoric Insanity Productions, Craig Dylke and Peter Bond, and is contributed by a host of some the World's BEST Amateur and Professional Artists alike including: The Flying Trilobite: Glendon Mellow, Sean Craven, Raven Amos, Traumador the Tyrannosaur (Yes, even him....on occasion), University, Trilobite Mad, Marek Eby (The author of Burgess Shale themed comic strip "Walcott's Quarry," which I must say is hilarious and very witty as well as his blog, www.etrilobite.com/), British Taxonomy student Mo Hassan of the Disillusioned Taxonomist, as well as insane Paleo nerd and Science Teacher, Zachary Miller of Anchorage, Alaska (When I mean, insane, I mean he is truly a wild, young, and VERY enthused Paleo enthusiast much like myself...or very UNlike myself....hmm...I'm not sure which, lol! Sorry, couldn't resist a little joke.) and Japanese-British Paleontologist Manabu Sakamoto of the popular blog "Raptor's Nest," as well as Rachael Revelle, Nima Sassani, and Angie Rodrigues, among others, that, I'm sure will appear after this bit of publicity, which I will get to in a moment. As probably inferred, the Galleries are OPEN to anyone interested in submitting by the Deadline (Again, E-mail ALL entries to be submitted to the next gallery, must submit their work to artevolved@gmail.com by November 1st, 2009!!!)

Now that you guys know what it is, let me tell you all WHY this post was written. Geological themed Magazine "Earth" just gave this new blog, their FIRST MAJOR Publicity in PRINT!!!! Featuring Interviews with Craig Dylke and Peter Bond and sample pieces from ALL the artists mentioned!! :D

Again, Congrats to them and ALL of their Hard Work as they earned it!! Since I KNOW it's ALMOST impossible to find in bookstores, they have a website here WITH the Exact Article! Now, you don't have to take MY word for it!! Click on the link and see for yourself!!! :D