Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Arch-Revisited And The Lewis Exodus (St. Louis Post: Day 4, FINALE)

The St. Louis Posts FINALLY come to a close! Hallelujah!! I don't know about you, readers, but I am glad to finally be finished with this series. No more Broken Promises and I can finally give myself more leash and post when I say I'm going to. How's that? I, truly, am satisfied with this being the final post in the series and I can proceed with my life! However, before we begin, I feel I must sincerely apologize for the lack of quality of that last post. That post, thanks to Life, was not completed until around midnight or so. As odd as this might be, let me explain that my mind was exhausted and I could have been out at any moment. Thus, I had to complete it at any cost, so I can keep my word. Anywho, this post won't nearly be as long as the other one because of the few pictures that are about to be uploaded. (Yes, that was also a reason for the late completion of that previous post.) Let's get started!

The night before me and my father had to leave, I talked him into going into the Arch once more before it closed. Skeptical, as I thought it would close much earlier than I read on-line, my dad and I hesitated for a second and took this picture of me and the accompanying co-worker:

I don't know if you can see that clearly but you can kind of get a glimpse of me on the right with my good friend "Dinosaur George" Blasing's Official T-shirt that I purchased on-line months ago and the co-worker, who is obviously a dwarf compared to me, thanks to height gene I got from my grandfather. With a character like her, the trip was never boring (And if she IS reading this post, I meant that in a good way.).

After that little photo shoot, we attempted to head into the museum, thanks to the kind gesture from a guy who told us the Arch was STILL open! Talk about Luck!! I had assumed it would be closed but I think I have proven God exists as EVERYTHING that I have done has gone right, even when I read otherwise that WOULD have been otherwise.

Anywho, the entrance to the Museum was much like going through Airport security only much more lenient. The procedures were basically the same without the awkward checks and undressing as they make you do at the Airport security. Once inside, we attempted to purchase our tickets and head into the Arch....if the line wasn't SO long! The expression on my faced can only be described with the acronym "WTF?!" and with my trademark "Holy Cretaceous!!" Get the picture? Instead, in addition to exploring the museum , we saw an old mid 1960s documentary on the construction of the Arch, which they play everyday of the year since the opening of the museum. It was either that or the IMAX. The Documentary wasn't boring, but it wasn't the most fun thing to do at the time, and it WAS fascinating and it helped time pass, though the effect we wanted with the lines, was a miniscule change. We, then proceeded to get in line, which took hours and we got to learn more about the Arch as we waited.

However, before we stepped into the agonizingly long line we took a picture in a replica of the car you ride in on your way up. I want to show you these pictures so you get an idea of what you ride in on your way up to the top:

Puts things in perspective, doesn't it. Here is the view of THIS (My SECOND) visit to the Top of the Arch:

As you can see, it was worth the wait. This can also be seen on my Deviant Art page. This Gorgeous picture is quite breathtaking and I hope that those who have NEVER been to the Arch and/or up to the top, I highly reccomend you do so. It is worth seeing and a memory you'll probably never forget! I know I NEVER will Forget! Neither will you!

That's it for these posts! I hope you enjoyed and my next posts will be on the results of the Poll that you all have voted for, so I thank you again, readers, for taking the time to do so! This blog is really for you rather than for me. Again, thank you very much. And, if you are wondering about the next part of the title, I am, simply, referring to the fact I left St. Louis the Next Day and my second visit to the St. Louis Science Center before I left for home. Again, I hope you enjoyed, and the next time I speak to you again, readers, will be on my next lesson!

Next: A Lesson Equivalent to the K-T Extinction or....maybe....Permian!!

Stay Tuned!!!

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