Saturday, August 22, 2009

Southwest Airlines, Louisville And The Trip There! (St. Louis Trip Day 1)

The posts have FINALLY begun! First of all, readers, I feel I must apologize for the constant delays and if you follow me on Twitter, then you know what I'm talking about. The first reason was Internet problems. We had just switched over to Windstream, and before they could put our order through all the way, QX, our original provider cut us off, so NO Internet connection for about a week or two. Then, our 2nd floor Air Conditioning unit (We have two, and we replaced the Downstairs unit about a year ago.) died!! It was old and was here before I moved to Kentucky in the year 2000. What made it worse was the Harsh and unbearable Summer heat. So, even if I wanted to, I couldn't even start these promised posts due to the heat! I was also exhausted because I couldn't sleep. It was awful, humid and the sheets would stick to my skin like an adhesive. Yuck!! *shudders* Thankfully (??) I had something to do like my Summer Reading to prevent me from being bored and my Paleontology DVDs, as well as my friend's house who was fortunate enough to not have that problem. So, now you know, readers, part of the reason. Then, I could not get the photos uploaded until now because I had to rely on my dad because my PC does not, for some odd reason, lacks a slot for the Camera's Memory Card. Thus, I had to rely on my dad and every time I DID ask, he'd say "Okay!", then forget! I just NOW got them on CD TODAY! Anywho, on with the post!

For those who don't know WHY I went on this trip, I went, though it was a Business trip for my Dad, to spend Father and Son time together like he did with his dad. He has such fond memories of doing this with his father, that he wanted to share it with me. In fact, it was a good idea especially since I graduate from High School in June of 2011. Not much time left, I know.

We flew from Louisville by Southwest Airlines straight shot. One thing about the Louisville airport, is that it's not your average airport. Talk about at least two stories filled with art of all kinds lining the walls and ceiling!

We landed in the St. Louis airport in about an hour's time and we quickly obtained our luggage and headed for the bus terminal to the rental car shop and, no, it was not Enterprise. After the hasty, yet limited, choice of vehicles (They were all Mini-Vans and SUV's, so really there was almost nothing to choose from readers.), I managed to pick a bright red mini-van and we were on our way to the Hotel. A Hampton Inn, to be more specific as my father had points there. It was a nice, 6 or so story, Hotel with a nice furnished lobby that was really spacious and the feeling of an expensive inn, somewhat like the Radisson or Marriott. The Hampton Inn was right across the City Park from the GateWay Arch with a nice casual Irish pub attached to it called Tigin's. The service was perfect and the people were extremely friendly everywhere I went. I must have a charm or something. Believe me, readers, I was, and still am, in disbelief as you are. The lobby was divided into two separate floors: The Lower Lobby where the Continental Breakfast was served and the main Lobby where you check in. There was also an office where one can check e-mail and catch up on any projects if one were on business. That is where I sent the majority of my e-mails. Hey! I wanted to stay in touch with a few of you guys...and to plan where I would be going in St. Louis while my Dad was working. After work, he and I with a co-worker who happened to come along would hang out and go to Dinner. While he would work, I would explore St. Louis and ride the Metro to the two main attractions I have pictures for, though that's another post. Each post will be about a certain day of the trip on each day this week. So, please, look for them! That's pretty much what happened other than checking in and eating out.

NEXT TIME: My Exploration and Oddyssey Begins....TOMORROW

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