Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Day I Met "Sue-"(St. Louis Posts Day: 3)

As promised, readers, here is the Third St. Louis post! After I started exploring and coming to the that little National Park in front of the Capitol, I went out to dinner that night and happened to learn the Metro, which killed two mammalia with one stone (I would have said "Birds," but I wouldn't want to upset a certain So, the next morning, I was off to my Primary Destination...the St. Louis Science Center! Why? That happens to be the place where the greatest theropod (And...for those who are both New and Know ALMOST nothing about the vocabulary of Paleontology...The term "Theropod" literally means "Beast Feet" and simply refers to the Carniverous Dinosaurs of the Late Triassic through the Late Cretaceous periods) of all time resides...well..."her" cast anyway...."Sue" the World's Largest and Most Complete Tyrannosaurus rex known. Yep! "She" was there for a Special Exhibition for the week and I happen to be in town for that! Talk about Fortunate! Clearly, there is a God! This post covers the TWO trips there! Yep! TWO! Let's Begin!

To understand how my day went, readers, I feel you must see how I look in the morning when I wake up with my dad so I can see him before he heads off to work. Here it is, and I'm not afraid to show it:

Shocking isn't it? lol! My Dad took this picture of me right when I woke up as a joke and I happened to use his camera for the trip. So, yes, this is your pal "Raptor" Lewis in the early morning. My first thought? "" lol

Anywho, now the trip Really begins! Now, on the first trip to the Center, was an adventure in itself, as I was battling really warm temperatures with a bottle of Coca-cola and two Nature Valley Granola Bars in my bag as a snack since getting there was going to be a while. :/

I had gotten lost, ironically as my "map" was more like garbage and I couldn't find my way as easily as I thought....either that or I'm terrible at Orienteering...though I'm pretty sure it was the first reason and not the latter. Thankfully, I met a nice man along the way who not only told me the direction to go in, but actually led me to the intersection where I could just follow the signs. He was a nice African American man, who seemed to be Middle-Aged and a Post-man or something. I was fortunate enough to have met him and, before I met him, I managed to take this picture of the Center from on top of a bridge that led into a suburb with a Religious....possibly Catholicism or something, I can't remember....if I can find it. For some reason I couldn't locate it. Perhaps, I will find it the next time I look. Fortunately, readers that will be for this post. :)

Anywho, back to the post. However let me note that the pictures in this post are from my first and second visit to the Center. Anywho, I followed the signs down the street where I came across certain signs advertising the exhibit I was hoping to see:

Yes! I thought, giddy with excitement! I was almost there and it wasn't long before I would get to meet "her." The "Lizard Queen" was right inside the Center and I was only a few minutes away!

Not long afterwards I made it!

This place is Gargantuan and just one picture doesn't do it justice, and neither does two. I had finally made it, hot, perspiring and down right exhausted, yet I had made it. My first glance at the building was somewhat shocking! This center was gargantuan and I Still hold my mouth agape to this day, just looking at a picture of it. These two images are of only two-thirds of the whole building and the interior does the size justice and gives one the feeling of insignificance and inferiority, yet "Sue" was inside and I wasn't about to stop there in front. I came too far to stop then, so I ran inside, and my mouth was still agape and I stared stupidly in disbelief at the lobby.

Like Sci-Port, of Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, the Center had this HUGE contraption in the lobby like the Sci-Port contraption on steroids. And over to the left of the Admissions booth (Fortunately, the regular exhibits were FREE, and the "Sue" exhibit was only $8.00!!) was the most amazing model of a Tyrannosaurus rex fleshed out head I'd seen in a long time:

In case you can't read the sign, it basically says this was made in 1999 for National Geographic and it is a one-third scale model of "Sue's" skull, fleshed out with the EXACT proportions. Quite amazing!!

This museum has decent exhibits that is definitely worth checking out and worth telling, but I must get to the MAIN reason I was there! The Paleontology exhibits.

First, the "Sue" exhibit! Here are a few of the pictures of the exhibition here:

A few pictures of "Sue," the "Star" of this show! As you can see, "she" and I have met and I think "she" is gorgeous!!!!!! ;) That's enough for now, I'll be posting them periodically here as Artwork of the Day posts and they will be on my Deviant Art page, though honestly, I am getting tired of this series and I must wrap this up. The St. Louis Science Center IS, however, a cool place to visit and the the last day of my trip, I returned with a shorter time to get there, and saw a Planetarium show. Other than that, nothing else.



Andy said...

Nice! I remember seeing Sue in Washington, D.C. . .what an amazing specimen!

Naveed said...

Looks like you had a blast man! Awesome pics!

Oh yeah, if you think you look terrible in the morning, you should see me all stumbling across the room, crashing into the hallway walls...yeah 5am isn't fun lol.

Raptor Lewis said...

Andy- I couldn't agree more!! :) This was "her" cast, though. So, although not as breathtaking as the real thing, "she" is still impressive as a cast in her own right. ;)

Naveed- LOL!!! :) Yes, I did have a blast! :) Thanks!!

Both- Don't go away yet! The FINAL Post will be TONIGHT!! Stay Tuned!! :D

Oh yeah, you can see the pictures on my Deviant Art Page and periodically on my blog. ;)