Friday, July 31, 2009

Heading Home...Just Later Than Supposed To....

This post will be brief, readers, and, hopefully, a paragraph. This post is the same message as one of my tweets at the right-hand side of the blog, in case you haven't checked it out already. I'm sorry to say that my posts will be delayed yet again, as well as my flight home, which also unfortunately happens to be the cause. :( Normally, I don't use emoticons in posts; however, this is a time where it is the only way to express how I'm feeling at the moment....and the fact that this is a short post. Please do not misunderstand me. I don't want to misconstrue any information regarding the situation. I am not aware of any weather problems at home right now, but I DO, in fact, understand there is a valid reason, and I hope that you guys can understand me right now. How am I delayed, you ask? Well, my, or rather, our (meaning my dad, me, and the co-worker that is accompanying us because, this was a business trip.) flight was supposed to be around 7:30, but now we are delayed ONE hour, meaning (in case some of you don't feel like doing any BASIC math.) our flight leaves at 8:30 instead. It's disappointing as we are flying into Louisville, KY around 9:30, then we have a One hour drive home, not to mention the time zone change...and that's IF it all goes according to plan. I really can't afford this delay, let alone another one. So, please pray for me guys....or wish me luck, if you are NOT religious. Either way, the posts will have to wait until tomorrow. Again, sorry guys.

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