Saturday, July 18, 2009

Countdown to Junior Year- 4 More Weeks and a Lot Going On

Well, I'm back home in Kentucky, and I must say, readers, this Summer Break has gone by too quick! I'll miss my mom and will see them again this Christmas, and, hopefully, Thanksgiving. Sorry for the lack of posts. As the weeks went by, I would get busy, and often not find the time to post. This is what I wanted to talk to you, readers, about. As school approaches, my life will get busier and busier (sp?) until school starts and then it'll be a repeat of last year. So, let me tell you all where I'll be.

First of all, it turns out, that I have some Summer Reading to do, in addition to some responsibilities here, like unpacking since I JUST got home today (More specifically, I got home about 4:30 pm.). Believe me this is NOT my idea of fun. My definition of FUN is hanging out with you all and NOT working. Sadly, this is just a dream, but I'll be a professional Vertebrate Paleontologist soon enough so not to worry. In the meantime, I'll be doing some research for my Fossil Facts. so they'll be returning, hopefully.

In addition, I'm accompanying my Dad to St. Louis, Missouri on his business trip! So, while he's at work (By the way, he's the President of his Company Now!!), I'll be hanging out in the hotel room doing my Summer Reading for my Advanced Junior English class (Only got 4 weeks left so wish me luck!) and in the afternoon, hanging out with him and see St. Louis. My dad did this with his dad and he had such fond memories of it that he decided to do this, probably because I'm almost out of High School and am almost a legal adult! Anywho, I'm really excited and this means I won't have time to blog! Plus, I won't even have a computer with me even IF I did somehow find the time. So, Now you know.

I let the forum members of Dinosaur Home know that I will be absent and the site will be left in the capable hands of the Administrators, so it all works out nicely!

However, when I DO get back from St. Louis, I'll go into blogging overdrive because of my absence, complete with Pictures!! So Stay Tuned for that Readers!!

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