Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just For Laughs...Or Maybe A Smile

As soon as I found this on the web, I knew I had to post it! Obviously this is a cartoon of Darwin, and it's poking fun at Natural Selection, but that isn't the funniest part. The funny part is that this conjecture was made by someone who really doesn't even understand Natural Selection. Before you (those of you who disagree with my posting this) decide to kill me, think about it. Why criticize (especially in science) something that you don't even understand the basics...or hte definition for that matter? (There will be a post soon on this, hopefully.) The chances are that the cartoonist started poking fun at Darwin without truly understanding the theory. I'm not just looking at Creationists. Darwinians, too, who try to defend him and Natural Selection (I would have said "theory," but there's enough evidence to say fact, but I'm not sure what to say.), yet they don't even know what Natural Selection is!! That's the funny part!!
Copyright: "Zuvel," I think.

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