Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The Sins of the Fathers, Take 2" (Darwin Post #1)

By: Sharon Degley

"Alas, poor Darwin, by all rights, 2009 should be his year, as books , museums, and scholarly conclaves celebrate his 200th birthday (Feb. 12) and the 150th anniversary of the On the Origin of Species ( Nov. 24), the book that changed forever how man views himself and the creation. Teamed with genetics, Darwin's explanation of how species change through time has become the rock on which Biology stands. Which makes water flea quite the skunk at this party.

Some water fleas sport a tiny helmet that deters predators; others with identical DNA sequences have bare heads...." (Read the rest of the article here.)

Sorry readers I've been meaning to post this, but I guess I never got around to it. This is quite interesting, though it's not much of a tribute to Charles Darwin. Clearly, with new research in Genetics, we have a bit of an conflict. So, it makes you wonder who is right?

(Author's Note: Sorry if you were expecting a tribute post, it's not much of one. So, hardcore, "Darwinians" don't kill me for this. This article belongs to Newsweek, not me.)


OilIsMastery said...

I am now reading Charles's son George who studied the tides...=)

Raptor Lewis said...

Really? I didn't know Charles had a son. Interesting....:)