Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Have Asperger's and I'm Proud!

All the time I've been a member of Blogger and have kept this blog going, readers, I've ran into situations in which I have admitted that I have Autism....or Asperger's Syndrome. Well, you'd think that it's all fine and "dandy" that I said it, but, ironically, it caused me even more stress as a number of you guys wanted me to post about my experiences with this "condition" as Traumador (First by me) so "elegantly" put it and, believe me, it hasn't been the slightest bit easy. Why? I guess it's been a kind of "snoop" or curiousity of my personal life, which as you probably tell, I don't reveal that much, hence why I don't tell you my real name and stick with "Raptor." (Lewis IS my real last name, in case you're wondering.) Oops...I did it again, didn't I? Oh well....

Okay, here are some more of my reasons why I haven't posted about it until now:
  • I didn't know where to start.
  • I also didn't know what to say or talk about.
  • It's kind of personal to me and something I don't reveal on my own.
  • I'm busy, as you can identify with VERY well, some of you.
  • This was originally supposed to be a Paleo Blog where I teach YOU about paleontology.
  • This was the result of urging from a number of friends on the blogosphere: Traumador, Glendon Mellow, Craig Dylke, Peter Bond, etc.

They each had their own reasons for my personal posts. I guess, because they're my friends, they wanted to get to know me a little bit. Which is fine, but, I wasn't expecting all this encouragement for these posts. I thought people wanted the Fossil Facts. we go......I guess...:

For me, Asperger's Syndrome has always been, what I refer to as "mild." What I mean by that is that, for the most part, I was "normal" and you couldn't tell I had A.S. Asperger's Syndrome has symptoms that vary with each person, yet is fairly consistent. For a strange reason I had two "conditions" (again, as Traumador phrases it) acompanying Asperger's: they were, in fact, OCD (which I talked about, somewhat in my "Origin of 'Raptor' Lewis" post) and Tourette's Syndrome, a disorder that cause invountary (somewhat, involuntary, as I can control them) muscle twitches, called "tics" when I'm either excited or anxious. I also have some anxiety problems. For the most part I'm like you all, except with the "tics" that I was first misdiagnosed as having Tourette's Syndrome instead of A.S. (Asperger's Syndrome). Then, I found out I have them both.

Asperger's Syndrome really affects my co-ordination and my social skills. Y'see, unlike most people, I wasn't born with those set of "instructons." My brain just works differently than everybody else so my perspesctive may eccentric or unique among everyone else. I'm NOT stupid as my posts have shown. So, please, bear with me if I word something wierd. My brain is "wired" differently than your's . I also have trouble making friends but, I have worked hard at learning to interact with y'all. There you have it, the main points of my life living with it.


OilIsMastery said...

Doesn't eveybody have something or other?

I won't hold it against you...=)

Glendon Mellow said...

I hope I have never given you cause to feel undue ressure about blogging your personal life, Raptor.

On my own blog recently, I was merely stating that many blogs I enjoy dip into the personal now and then, and it can fun to see behind the curtain.

But there are many types of blogs, so you should just do what you want. Your blog is your backyard. Plant flowers, or let it run wild, your choice.

Traumador said...

oh, i'm sorry you felt i pressured you dude. i was just trying to make a suggestion on a post that would let your readers see you as a person. sometimes letting people know a little about yourself helps them connect with your writing more.

as for me calling it a "condition" that was actually your wording from correspondence ages ago. so why are you trying to make me sound like a bad guy for saying it.

i'm sorry you felt we all were making you do something you didn't want to, but the fact is i personally didn't really pressure you or make you do this post... i merely suggested it, and i'm willing to bet that the other guys did the same (as opposed to being mean to you).

Wei Wenni said...

Asperger's is a condition that few people know about and fewer people understand. You're out there in the blogging world, so you are in a position to help rectify this. The more you talk about it, and get out there, the more it will help people understand that what Asperger's is and how it affects its sufferers. You talking about it will help others with the condition, will help others understand the condition, and in the long run, help you.

So don't shy away from it. If people are encouraging you to talk about it, listen to them. Bring it out in the open more, and help people learn about it. I'm sorry talking about it causes you stress, but it may be a necessary stress, in order to break the stigma. Think about this in a wider view is all I'm saying I guess.

Prehistoric Insanity said...

I beg your pardon? I was "pressuring" you?

You asked me for suggestions about your blog, Raptor, so I gave you some. I didn't just send them to you out of the blue!

I do not on any level appreciate the insinuation that I somehow bullied you to do something on YOUR blog against your will. If you didn't care for my idea than you just should have ignored it!

If this is how taking my time to give you feedback, which YOU asked for!!!, than I'm not going to bother, and please do not ask me anymore.

Thank you very much!

Raptor Lewis said...

Glendon- Don't worry dude! I guess I misunderstood more than I thought! I was merely joking when I said that.

Craig- I'm sorry if I insulted you. Thanks for the suggestions. I merely was trying to make a joke, as I told Glendon. I didn't mean to insult you. I use words out of their contexts sometimes, and that's what will happen periodically on this blog. Sorry, no offense intended. Please forgive me. I should have said "thank you." I never meant that you bullied me. I merely said you urged me to do it. Like, an idea. That was my way of thanking you.

OiM- I never asked you to hold anything against me. Thanks for understanding though.

Traum- It's okay, buddy. As I was saying I was NOT asking for sympathy by saying that word. But, thanks for your concern. As for the word, I forgot I DID say it. Oops, sorry.

Everybody- Sorry for the wording. I wasn't thinking.

Glendon Mellow said...

Cool. Glad that's all clear.

Thanks Raptor.

Raptor Lewis said...

Sure thing, Glendon. Like I said, I don't like hurting anyone. I'm sorry. I think I've learned my lesson.

Peter Bond said...

Fascinating post, Raptor! You are in a unique position to encourage others with your insight. I agree with Wei Wenni. There are probably other's reading your blog with AS.

The Acolyte Tao said...

After reading through your blog, I don't see how A.S. effects you in any way, as you put your brain is "wired" differently. I can't point of anything about you that is different than a person without it?

Anways, you have some interesting blog post. Namaste!

Raptor Lewis said...


Thanks for the compliment and encouragement. I sure there are kids with AS reading it. I also learned a lesson with wording.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I liked this post.
Probably next time someone googles AS, that person may arrive here and read this. I know that will make him/her feel good as we all feel that way when we find that we aren't "alone".

You may have problems making friends but you were kind with me and that's what matters. Thanks for your words.

Raptor Lewis said...

Dinorider- You're more than welcome. And, thank you for the kind words too. You are always welcome here. In your language, Bienvenidos!