Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enough With The Insults- My NEW Policy!!

Dear Readers,
Sorry, for not posting! I've been EXTREMELY busy with homework!! My teachers are trying to kill me. (Not literally, my Autistic readers.) I've had two Late-Nighters and can't even relax in the afternoon and my Homework still take me until 10:30pm! What's the big deal, you ask? I have to get up at 6 AM for school! 6 AM!! What's worse is that the time I do get on here, I have nothing to post about as my brain power is drained! So, in a nutshell, that's why I haven't posted. Again, Sorry for the absence!!

What doesn't help is that I read posts about Darwinians insulting Creationists! I mean, WHAT THE HECK!!! What's wrong with us? Why are WE lowering ourselves to THEIR (Creationists) level? That's just STUPID! *sigh* I'm MAD at BOTH of you! I'll tell you another thing! Every insult you make about them, I'll have NONE of it on my blog! This blog is for EVERYBODY to enjoy! I know I've done it but, I've decided to end the stereotypes and insults after seeing Schindler's List (1993) by Steven Spielberg! That movie changed my life!

Another thing, we may disagree and you're welcome to debate on my blog, but make it FRIENDLY!!! No, insults! No slander! No, Libel! No, Language! I MEAN it! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say ANYTHING!! In fact, I have several Creationists in my family, including My MOM! Which is one of the reasons I'm saying this! So, please, by all means celebrate Darwin, celebrate you're Higher Power, but PLEASE watch what you say!

Of course this hasn't happened yet on this blog, and I don't want it to start. I'm just trying to give you guys a friendly warning. Just don't insult other's opinions. There are a number of creationists who read PaleoQuest. To be fair, bloggers, who are very strong Darwinians, tend to insult Creationists and then complain about their stubbornness and persistance. That's what gets me! That means there is hypocrisy among Evolutionists. That goes for Marek Eby of I like his blog, but he and a number of bloggers have seemed a little hypocritical. They insult creationists just as much they do to us. I'm starting this policy so we don't lower ourselves to their level. I've seen and heard of debates on blogs where emotions run so wild and fights break out. I just thought I'd take the initiative and try to prevent these things from ever happening. I learned from past experience that diction is just as important, if not more so on the internet. Trust me, I nearly lost my good friends, Traumador, Craig Dylke, Peter Bond, Glendon Mellow, etc. I got it straightened out, a few like Craig and Peter are still upset with me and I want them to know how sorry Iam. All I've asked for was forgiveness. Finally, PLEASE, read this carefully, and keep in mind what I said so we ALL can have a good time on the internet and this blog.

All the Best,
Raptor Lewis

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