Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artwork of the Day #5!!!!!

Guanlong wucaii, Jurassic crested ancestor to the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex.


Anaconda said...

Hi, Raptor Lewis,

I saw a T.V. program the other night reporting on the debate about whether birds descend from dinosaurs.

My bet is that birds do descend from dinosaurs.

Want to see live dinosaurs, today?

Now, looking at birds flying or perched in trees doesn't do it.

But try and find a group of flightless birds (chickens or guinea fowl, guineas are best) and take a look at their feet. And take a look at how they run around.

My opinion -- you're looking at little dinosaurs.

Have a great day.

Raptor Lewis said...

Anaconda- I bet you're right, lol. Well, that's the accepted theory. Recently, there have been a number of programs covering the "Bird-Dino theory." And for the flying birds, that IS a good palce to look as we have a number of specimens that depict the origin of flight in birds such as Microraptor gui and Archaeopteryx.

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