Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Article at Dinosaur Home

I've got a NEW article up over at Dinosaur Home about my "theories" on the evolution of spinosaurids. Hopefully, it's much better than the first one, so hopefully you can "pop" on over and take a look and give me some feedback. And, readers, don't worry abou the eighth Fact. It's coming SOON, I promise, hopefully this weekend.

And to make this post more interesting:

A preview that I found on the web and saved on my computer.


t.k.foster said...

So T-Rex is still king? Though Jurassic Park may be an entertaining movie, I do question the validity of many of the claims.

Raptor Lewis said...

t.k. foster- You have a right to as do I. I also question the claim that T-rex is still king sometimes. However, being apex predator doesn't always mean size. Though theropods like Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus are somewhat larger than T-rex, doesn't really mean they were "king." Think about it. Giganotosaurus has some decent advantages like size and weight, but, T-rex had more "tools" that made it a better a predator: like a great sense of smell, great eyesight, bone-crushing teeth, hunting in groups, powerful feet and legs and huge tail-vertebrae that was a great counterbalance and gave this theropod great speed and maneuverability. As you can see, size does not make the apex predator. Another example would be Allosaurus from the Jurassic. Allosaurs weren't very big, but they were deadly. I think I'll cover Allosaurus in the next Fact. Also, T-rex was NOT a cold blooded, stupid and sluggish reptile. T-rex was "built like a four-ton chicken." (Dinosaur George's Ultimate T-rex DVD.)