Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Favorite Prehistoric Organism!

Some of you love it when I post my Fossil Facts. Others like my personal posts more. That's okay, I'm glad you are interested in me and this blog. However, a few people voted on the last poll, asking me to mix it up a little bit. You know, post some Facts here and some personal stuff there. Something like that, right? I thought so. And so, I thought I'd do just that.

My passion for paleontology and prehistoric organisms is well-known (well, as well known as it can be around the blogosphere.) So, I thought I'd reveal my favorite among them all.

My Favorite Prehistoric Organism ARE..........The Dinosaurs!!!

What's that? "Figures." You say? Well....duh! Of Course, it should be dinosaurs, but not just any group. I especially love the Theropods and the Ceratopsians (group that includes Triceratops, Chasmosaurus, Torosaurus, Styracosaurus, Protoceratops, Psittacosaurus, etc.) Of course, I love all prehistoric organisms. Dinosaurs are my favorite and it's easy to see why.

Here are my reasons for Dinosaurs being my favorite animals:

  1. Dinosaurs have the most variety out of the animal kingdom.
  2. They're neither mammal, bird, nor reptile. (although, the theropods lean more towards being birds.)
  3. They're one of evolution's greatest success stories. (they're dominance lasted from 225 million years to 65 million years.)
  4. They have captivated the world even 65 million years after their extinction....or evolution?
  5. They're different, yet so similar to nimals today.

Now you know my favorite prehistoric animal group. I love every group, however, so don't get me wrong. Ilove the arthropods of the Cambrian period(e.g. trilobites), the Archosaurs of the Permian and Triassic, the marine reptiles, and, of course the pterosaurs (e.g. Pteranodon ingens). If you wish to learn about me, feel free to contact me at or leave a comment on this blog.

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