Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Excitement for Obama's Inauguration!!!!

Today was a historic day here in these United States of America. We successfully had a peaceful transfer of power with former President George W. Bush leaving office after 8 miserable years in his presidency (Hooray!!) and President-elect Barack Obama being inagurated. Yes. He has been inagurated. He is the 44th president of these United States of America and the first African-American president in American History!!! It was truly a Historic and momentous day!! His running mate Senator Joe Biden became Vice president. I am over-flowing with excitement!! Today history was made. I saw him take the Oath of Office at school. If you wanna see something that I did on Microsoft Paint just for the occasion, here it is:


t.k.foster said...

It went mostly good. I'll be more interested to see what is actually done.

Glendon Mellow said...

Glad your country has someone able to lead in office.

Now we wait and watch. I like how many scientists he's put into key positions, and that he addressed "non-believers" in his speech. Inclusivity is good.

Raptor Lewis said...

t.k. foster- you're right, I'm also interested to see what he actually does. However, I'm not worried, I have a good feeling about Obama.

Glendon- Thanks. Now that Barack Obama's president, my pride in being an American has increased dramatically. In fact, I do think that Obama has faith in science as wella s other experts in those postitions. And, Aethiests might actually him a lot. Some Christians, might come to like him even more now.

Both- However, I'm a little afraid of assassination by the KKK. However, the gov't is taking NO chances.

日月神教-任我行 said...


friendfromC.W. said...

Are you still glad? Taxes have gone up there are more people in afganistand, he lied about drilling in the Gulf (he promised he would stop it, and didn't inspect them properly because they gave him the most money in his campaign out of anyone, and then the spill happened)and over all hasn't been great. But it isn't his fault that his ratings are lower than Bush's. You see Ronald Reagan was just so amazed by the public that the bar was set too high for the future presidents. just look at bush(both), obama, and clinton(the crook) They all had terrible ratings because they can't compare to ronald reagan. As a person Obama is nice, but as for politics, I don't agree so much.
Friend from C.W.