Monday, December 1, 2008

PaleoQuest's 2 Month Annniversary!!

Hard to believe I've been a blogger for 2 months. I'm still a relative newcomer but, I think PaleoQuest is pretty popular! Thanks for all of your support!!

Sue the T-rex at the Field Museum


Naveed said...

Righteous! Keep up the good work!

Raptor Lewis said...

Thanks for all the support!! You're too

Trilobite said...

Congrats! I how firsthand how hard it can be to keep a blog going, and at two months, you've done better than the majority of bloggers.

I've been blogging I think for about a year now (at blogger in the beginning, but these days at, and I went through a period where it felt like a chore. But once I got past that, it felt great! Now I've been doing my weekly comic strip for 33 consecutive weeks.

Time flies when you're having fun. Keep it up!

Will Baird said...

welcome to the paleo blogosphere!