Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darwin Took Steps By: Glendon Mellow the Flying Trilobite (Artwork of the Day!)


Naveed said...

Dude I so want to walk up those steps and hopefully find an entrance into his brain. That would be so freaking cool.

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm for my Darwin Took Steps, Raptor!

Prints, cards and shirts are available, and it is featured in my 2009 calendar!

A portion of the profits from sales involving this image go toward helping The Beagle Project.

Raptor Lewis said...

Naveed- That would be cool, but, you are wierd. lol.

Glendon- You are more than welcome, my friend. I love your work. Um, what do you think of my blog?

Glendon Mellow said...

You are doing a great job.

I think you have focus, which is good, and I've voted for a bit more personal stuff just to see why you are interested in paleo-topics.

....I will add that a part of me is a bit pleased to see you removed the banner-art you had before. It's always important to obtain permission for something like a dino painting in a blog banner. Not enough people realize that. I appreciate that you are making this your own, and not riding on others.

Raptor Lewis said...


Thanks for the advice. I actually removed that art because it didn't seem to fit the template and it was just taking up space. I didn't think anyone paid ANY attention to it. In fact, I'm glad I did. Okay, if you want to learn where it all started, then, stay tuned. lol.