Saturday, November 22, 2008

My First EVER Boneyard Post!!

I'm excited, readers as this my first EVER Boneyard post. I've decided to participate in this years theme of "My Favorite Museum." Granted, I don't have a favorite. There a few I've been to and a lot I haven't. So, I'll just list a few, give brief summaries, and pictures with each. (Sorry, I haven't gotten around to the fifith fact yet. I'm doing my best.) Anyway, here are a few in The United States:

Field Natural History Museum:

  • Whers is it: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Have I been there: No
  • Point of interest: "Sue" the Tyrannosaurus rex, and other fossils
  • Info: I haven't been there but, I've always wanted to. Sue, seems to reside in the entrance to the museum. She is the largest, most preserved, and complete T-rex ever discovered. They even take you on a walk through life's evolution on Earth.

Union Terminal at Cincinnatti, Ohio:

  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.
  • Have I been there?- Yes, about 3 or 4 times
  • Points of interest: Allosaurus fossil and statue, Apatosaurus femur, mastodon fossil, stuffed Polar Bear on it's hind legs, audio tour of human prehistory, HUGE Omnimax dome theater, it used to be a fully operational train station during the Great Depression, 3 museums: natural history, history, physics for kids; the first exhibits mentioned are in the natural history museum, ankylosaurus statue, some marine fossils, Cenozoic era fossils, Hadrosaur skulls, T-rex cast skull, and of course the Gift Shop with a REAL T-rex fossil foot for sale for hundreds of american dollars, cool educational DVDs (sometimes even Imax films on DVD), and lots of really cool stuff.
  • CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Houston Museum of Natural Science:

  • Where: Houston, Texas
  • I have been there least least twice.
  • Points of interest: Great collection of fossils, iMax theater, mineral hall, prehistoric shells, butterfly collection, Geology and Physics section. The website speaks for itself. It has so much cool stuff that there's no way to describe it all with this post.
  • One of My most favorite of the one's I've been to or at least remember.

Those are a few I can think of and can tell you little bit about. There's more museums that are pretty cool, but I have the links to their websites on the right hand side of this blog. They can give you some more information. If you love museums and are in the country, check out a few of the museums. They're pretty darn cool.


Naveed said...

Righteous man, righteous. I don't know what the boneyard is, but righteous.

Raptor Lewis said...

It's kinda difficult to explain. Ask Traum, he can explain it better probably.

Naveed said...

Alrighty, I might have to. Hmmm...perhaps I should do some blogging on dinos myself...

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I'll visit Sue someday. I think she is the most famous dinosaur with a name, I currently can't remember any other... hummmmmmm....

BTW congrats for your 2nd monthversary

I arrived here from Traumador's tomorrow's post. Sound weird saying that I arrived from a place that doesn't exist yet. Blame Google Reader! LOL