Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Stress People, Work Is Fun.......Shyeah Right

If anyone has ever told you that work is fun, they are nuts!!! Cookoo!!!!!!!! Crazy!!! Psychotic!!!!!!! They don't know what they're talking about.....or do they? Normally, I agree somewhat with this statement. Work can be fun. Unfortunately, tonight our dryer didn't agree with me and/or that statement. Normally, when I try to do my laundry, it takes fifteen minutes to wash in our washing machine and about 45 minutes to dry in the dryer. Not tonight! Recently, my dryer takes two cycles to dry the same load that it used to with one. To fix that, I tried setting the timer for one hour. About fifty minutes later, they hadn't dried at all. (Okay, maybe a little.) Not good!!!! Not only that, but drying took three to four more cycles than usual and about three hours of laundry that I started about 5 PM. *sigh* Sorry, readers, I just had to vent my anger and frustration with a post. Moral of the story: when you have problems like this with your dryer, buy a new one.

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Naveed said...

Yeah, when that happens, usually it means the dryer is on it's last legs. Perhaps you can convince your parents to buy one them fancy new high tech looking ones.