Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween, readers!!!!!!!!!!! Today, is the spookiest, and, by far, the sweetest day of the year. It's a time for pumpkins, cold weather, costumes, haunted houses, ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and monsters. Scare yourself or your friends and family. Eat candy until you vomit. (With as much candy as you'll eat, you'll probably vomit until Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year.) LOL!!!! The point is to have a fun, happy, and safe Halloween this year. Don't do it because I, Raptor Lewis, told you to. Do it for yourselves. I'm taking the night off from blogging. So, don't expect the next Fossil Fact anytime tonight. Enjoy yourselves and have fun. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Naveed said...

You know, despite the fact most of the houses in the neighborhood we went trick or treating in weren't handing out candy, my kids still got a massive load of it.

Thankfully they are both toddlers, which means more candy for me. They don't need that much sugar. ;)