Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fossil Fact #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will knock your socks off, literally!!!!!!!!! Four million years ago, in Uruguay's rain forest, stalked one of the biggest rodents that ever lived!!! An ameteur Paleontologist Sergio Viera discovered the fossilized skull of this 3-ton/ 6,000-pund rat!!!!!!!! That's a HUGE rat problem! The skull was 21-inches long and Paleontologists suggest it was about 6,000 lbs. However, others say that size estimates based on skull length would not be an accurate depiction of this animal's size. However they agree that it's teeth suggest it was an herbivore that foraged in the rain forests hwere it was found. Let me tell you the story, readers, of this Collossal mammal.

Josephiartegasia monesi: The 3-ton Rat
4 million years ago the Earth looked VERY similar to the way it does today. This means it was the same as it does today (well, continental-wise). Down in South America lived THE Biggest rodent that ever lived. This 3-ton rat had a jaw that was well adapted for the vegetation that grew close to the ground in the South American Rainforest during the Quaternary Period of the Cenozoic era. (4 million years ago-Present.) Why it disappeared? Paleontologists think that climate change altered it's habitat so that that the rodent's size could no longer be supported.


Naveed said...

Dude, and I would love a pet rat that weighs 3 tons. Just thinking of the scares I could have gotten out of family and friends with a rat the size makes me laugh maniacally.

Awesome blog btw.

Raptor Lewis said...

Thanks, Naveed. That would be cool. It'd be a nice Halloween prank. Sadly, they're extinct.