Friday, October 24, 2008

Delayed Posting.

Sorry, readers for the delay in posting and blogging. Sometimes getting grounded by your loving, yet, still annoying parents is a pain in the butt. That's right, I got grounded. Let's just say, too much posting and not enough sleep is a VERY bad idea!!! My keyboard got ripped right from my computer. I had lots of ideas and I just couldn't post them. I'm sorry for the delay in my blogging. Anyway, one of the things that needs to be said is that "Fossil Alerts" are now called "Fossil Facts" as I don't always look for Paleontology stuff. Now, when I have something to teach y'all, It'll be when I can and in the middle of a post. Easy, huh? If I don't have anything else to teach, feel free to email me a suggestion, or just to say "hi" because I like making new friends. Also, if you have any questions about a particular thing, just ask via email or comment on my blog. I'll be sure to let your voices be heard. Don't be afraid and I'll do my best to answer it. Remember, that's the purpose of this blog. I want you to enjoy it.

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